Monday, December 28, 2009

Almost New Year!

I can't believe it will be 2010 for a while I will be screwed up with writing the correct date. We have to remember to write the correct date on the part two dossier. Well,we start it this blog for an adoption but it has been kind of nice to write about all the daily things that happen in life and also to write down our thoughts and feelings . To celebrate New Years we will be going over my sister-in laws house for dinner and just to hang out with the kids.We never stay up passed 12 anyways so dinner with the family and their friends will be nice. This weekend on Saturday we are suppose to be going over Randy's friends house for dinner. I guess there will be a couple that is interested in adoption and since we are adopting they would like to talk to us about it. It's just so nice to know people who are in the same boat as us. It's like having an extended family. I just feel like they just get everything that Randy and I are feeling. I have made many friends through face book with people that adopted or are in the process. It's especially nice talk to people that are adopting from the same region because that way we kind of know what to expect. We are very lucky to have met K and C. They are the only couple so far that we made connection with and went out with and we hope to become better friends once we both get our children. We are so looking forward to getting the call for the referral. I dream about that moment everyday when we meet our precious little child. That would be such an amazing moment next to of course marrying my husband. That's about it. I shall finish with all the babbling that I'm doing here.

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