Thursday, December 17, 2009

Passing time!

We are waiting for the referral so to pass time I have been busy making scrapbooks that way we will just have to glue in the pictures. The books are bright and cheerful and it just makes it more fun to look at the pictures. Since on the second trip we will have to show pictures of us meeting the baby and spending time with him or her it will be nice to show the judge in a scrapbook. I think I will make one for our friends little girl that way they can just place pictures of her. I think they would really appreciate that.


Garc said...

If we are the friends, we certainly would appreciate it. Looking forward to showing you guys pictures in a few weeks.

Maggie and Randy said...

yes,of course its you guys. I finished the scrap boook its adorable than I made another one for myself.I love crafts!