Saturday, December 26, 2009


We had a couple of names for a boy. We first thought Bryce because its a unique name and he would be named after Bryce National park in Utah that we loved so much. Than we were thinking Dimitri because he will be from Russia. I also liked Cayden and Aiden. My friend Edna said one of her friends named their son Chase or you can spell it Chace. I totally fell in love with that name. It has so much meaning to us. Chasing down all the paper work for dossier and than after referral visas and all this running around. I also think the name is unique and different. So definitely the name will be Chace Steven Wills. Middle name Steven after Randy's dad that passed away over 11 years ago. We didn't think of any girl names because they told us to expect a boy so we have been making preparations for a boy. That would be quite a surprise to get a girl. We had a great Christmas and we are looking forward to a New Year and all the excitment that the New Year will bring us.

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Garc said...

Kelly and I kind of hope you get a girl so our girls can always have each other. But no matter, each will always have a friend who has been through similar things.