Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Time!

I can't wait to go over my sisters house for Christmas. My sisters and I got are pictures done together for the very first time since we were little. We got 2 10 by 13 photos in frames one for my mom and one for my dad. My dad has a house in Poland and he is actually going there for 3 weeks to visit his family we got him a framed photo so he can hang it up in the house over there. I can't wait to see my parents expression I know they will cherish it forever.
I am looking forward to all the Polish food and all awesome gifts we got for the family. Randy and I started our non-time sensitive papers for the second dossier. The agency told us we can start on that so than we will just have left to notarize the police, and medical papers. We are looking forward to the New Year so we can get our referral and finally travel to Russia just like our friends did. Randy is a light sleeper so I know for a fact he will be sleeping horribly in Russia. We will definitely bring with us Tylenol pm at least for sleeping. Well, that's about it for now till than Happy Holidays!

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Garc said...

Kelly brought some Ambien and I was definitely using some tylenol PM to help sleep because I was not sleeping well there.