Thursday, July 29, 2010

28 days!!!

I can't believe it has been 28 days already since we last saw your beautiful face. We miss you so much. We found out couple of days ago that we won't be getting a court date no earlier than September/October. We just can't wait for the time to come so we can hold you in our arms again. We love you so much!!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Girl day Out!!!!

Today I went shopping with my friend Christy. we always get together when our husbands decide to go kayaking. We went to our favorite place for brekfast The Pepper Pot. The place is very cute and it has the best breakfast menu ever. We never got pancakes there so we decide to get them but nobody warned us how big they were. They were the size of the plate and we can only eat half of the one pancake we got. If we knew that they were so gigantic we would have split the meal. We will definitely know that for next time. We went shopping for P-----. I got a bunch of things from Kohls. I just love that store. I got her bunch of one piece outfits from Carter's. It will be much easier to change her that to get all these separate outfits and on the plus side they were all on sale. Our crib that we ordered should be here in a couple of weeks and finally we can finish up the room.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

We hate waiting on other people!!!!

So Randy and I are were pretty much ready with all the paperwork except on Randy's side the notary forgot to bring her notary stamp so we will get this last piece of paper done on Monday. Even though we are done with the paperwork AGAIN we always seem to doubt ourselves. what if we missed this ,what if if this is wrong,what if they don't like this it's constantly on our minds.I am looking forward being stress free from all this crazy paperwork. I want our baby girl home. Just last night we were thinking what she was doing. She was probably sitting in her crib lonely. We took her outside on our first trip so I also wonder if she got to go outside again which we highly doubt. We don't mind the paperwork but it's seems like we are doing the same paperwork over and over again. We just want her here. We miss her sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never knew this can be so HARD!!!!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Russian cell phone?

As we begin to think about our second trip, wanted to get people's opinions on renting a Russian cell phone. Did others do that? Was it worth it? Where did you rent it from? The first trip we really didnt need one, and suppose folks can always reach us at the hotel. Wasnt sure if this was a luxury or a necessity in people's opinions. Thanks!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Still on russia time!!!

I have been having a very difficult time to sleep. Randy is doing a lot better than me. I have been going to sleep past 12 and sometimes even at 4 in the morning. no matter how much I sleep I am still tired and I also picked up a cold.Today I went to the police station to get our police records again and to the doctor's for blood work. We should be done with all the papers by next week since all of them are in process now. Hopefully they will be satisfied so we can get a court date. I just don't have the energy to clean the house but it has to be done. So far I just organized my closet and the baby's closet. We have already purchased a twin bed and dressers,nightstand and we will purchase the crib this week. I also will order bedding from Land of Nod because I want to coordinate the bed bedding and crib bedding. While in Russia we purchased a bunch of things for P-----'s room. Our favorite thing is actually a pillow case of Russia but you can also frame it like the lady had at the store. We will most likely frame it it looked really good so between all the paper work and finishing the room we are quite busy. We just can't wait to see our little girl again;-)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our story!!!!

So we took off on Saturday and got to Vlad on Monday around 8 in the morning. Our translator met us at the airport and straight from there we went to the Ministry of education. But along our trip we met up with a couple that was flying to Vlad also to meet their little girl. We exchanged stories and e-mails and off we went our separate ways. We were nervous going to the Ministry of education we weren't sure what to expect.The woman asked us a couple of questions if we have any biological children,what we do for work,how many placement reports we have to do and the only time she smiled and laughed was when I told her it will be probably be a lot more because the signing of the treaty . That's the only time she smiled the rest of her mood was quite serious. So we got the permission to see P----- and from there we went to the Hotel Hyundai to rest because the next day we would be driving to the baby home to see our baby girl.The baby home was an hour and a half away from the hotel past Artem but because the roads were so terrible it would take us sometimes longer.We were so tired and exhausted that we went to bed at 2:30 p.m. and woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning. Our bodies were so screwed up we would just go to sleep at random times.

The next day Tuesday we drove to the baby home to meet P-----. We went upstairs sat on the couch and a moment later they brought her out to us we both thought we would cry but we were more excited than ever. The caregiver walked her in by holding her hands and soon as I saw her I scooped her right up. She didn't cry after the caregiver .I sat her on my lap and she just stared at Randy and I . She was very shy,didn't make a sound but she gave us a lot of good eye contact. I handed her a small musical toy and she wouldn't hold it at all. She sat like that for good two hours but finally I was able to make her crack a little smile. We saw her that day for 3 hours.

Wednesday we see P----- for 3 hours again. This time we take her outside and soon as we come out she makes the biggest smile . She was just so happy Randy and I took turns holding her for those 3 hours . We just didn't want to put her down and I also forgot to mention they dressed her in the outfit and shoes that I bought for her. Size 12 months to 18 was perfect and size 3 shoes fit well also. She just looked so adorable in her new outfit. This day was much better than Monday. We are excited because we are making some progress.

Thursday the last day before we leave we saw her again for 3 hours. We went outside and it was the best day ever. She giggled,smiled a lot more,she actually let me lift her up in the air without crying,we walked her around a little,sang to her and she even clapped her hands. I gave her the little photo book that we made for her and she actually tried to turn the pages. She was just so, so happy. At the end of the 3 hours she was even falling asleep in my arms while chewing on her toy. It was great progress just for 3 days. We were very nervous at first but we gave it a chance and she really warmed up to us.

It was sad to leave her behind but hopefully we will get through this paperwork as fast as we can so we can finally have a court date. We miss her so much already., she is really our precious little baby. It feels good to be home finally since I was really home sick. The first thing I wanted when I got home was a burger and that's what we ate for dinner. It was so delicious I really missed American food.

We found out that on the second trip we will be having the 8 doctor medical in Vlad which is like few minutes from the hotel we were staying and will be staying again. I am not sure what that entails but whatever it is between that and court I think it might be nerve wrecking. I forgot to mention again and I am sorry for my forgetfulness. Our hotel was located in the center of the town. We just loved it. It had like 2 or 3 different restaurants and close to shops. We walked to Gum store and other souvenirs sores.We also went eat at Magic Burger which wasn't that bad but that is the reason I really wanted an American burger.Since I speak fluent polish it came in handy because a lot of Russian words are just like Polish so it was kind of fun to communicate with people at the sores. They understood a lot of what I was saying my husband was pretty impressed who knew that it would come so handy.That's about it for now. I am wide awake but my body is so tired. Randy is already sleeping and here I am wide awake maybe my body is on Moscow time or Vlad time I have no idea.

finally home!!!

We just got in the door. I feel like a zombie going from one time zone to another. We were feeling good finishing the 2nd dossier and than what do you know randy checks his email on his cell phone and there is tons of new paper work new medicals ,new psychologist new this new that. I really feel like crying at this point. I feel like the paper work will never end. We officially signed papers in Russia that we want to adopt her and I thought we will get a little break but no. i will write some more later now i just want to relax and get in the groove of things here!!!!!