Sunday, July 25, 2010

Girl day Out!!!!

Today I went shopping with my friend Christy. we always get together when our husbands decide to go kayaking. We went to our favorite place for brekfast The Pepper Pot. The place is very cute and it has the best breakfast menu ever. We never got pancakes there so we decide to get them but nobody warned us how big they were. They were the size of the plate and we can only eat half of the one pancake we got. If we knew that they were so gigantic we would have split the meal. We will definitely know that for next time. We went shopping for P-----. I got a bunch of things from Kohls. I just love that store. I got her bunch of one piece outfits from Carter's. It will be much easier to change her that to get all these separate outfits and on the plus side they were all on sale. Our crib that we ordered should be here in a couple of weeks and finally we can finish up the room.

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