Saturday, July 3, 2010

finally home!!!

We just got in the door. I feel like a zombie going from one time zone to another. We were feeling good finishing the 2nd dossier and than what do you know randy checks his email on his cell phone and there is tons of new paper work new medicals ,new psychologist new this new that. I really feel like crying at this point. I feel like the paper work will never end. We officially signed papers in Russia that we want to adopt her and I thought we will get a little break but no. i will write some more later now i just want to relax and get in the groove of things here!!!!!


Chad and Sarah said...

Welcome home! And don't cry- you can do it. Just one step at a time. Every paper you fill out brings you one step closer to your goal. But sleep for at least 24 hours before taking on the world- A happy brain is a rested brain!

Jen said...

Welcome home! I completely get the zombie feeling. Hang in there with the paperwork; you can do it. Can't wait to hear more about your trip.

Garc said...

It will all we worth it in the end guys. A pain in the butt now, but in 5 years you will forget all about it when that little girl looks up at you. I know Kelly and I do every time Katerina says up. It makes the night in Kiev seem like it was from another time and happened to two other people.

Get some rest. I had trouble adjusting to the time zone changes and that was only Moscow. Not twice as far.