Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Maggie is home now

thanks everyone for the well wishes and prayers. Maggie came home on Monday and the medications seem to be working. of course CVS didnt have the medicines ready on Tuesday, so I braved the ice storm yesterday to pick up the meds.

Polina has been doing really well, and is picking up some new words and we are working with her on identifying objects. You can ask her where is your knee, elbow, chin, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue and belly. She is learning so much....cant believe it has only been two months!

Her certificate of citizenship finally came in...was delayed from the holidays, but all set now. Woo hoo! Hope all is well with everyone


Saturday, January 15, 2011


So Maggie has had some minor heart palpitations over the past few years, but now that she is pregnant they are getting worse. She has been to the cardiologist a few times, and they diagnosed her with SVT, which is a fairly common condition that could be corrected with minor surgery, if she wasn't pregnant. So they put her on a heart monitor to watch her. No sooner do they give us the monitor, then she has some flutters and calls it in. They immediate call am ambulance as her heart rate was over 250+.

She has been in the hospital now since Sunday. They are trying different medications to reduce her heart rate. For the most part, it is back to normal, but still has some flare ups so they want to keep her there to monitor the situation. She should be okay, but please send your prayers her way!

Maggie's and my family have been great and have been coming over to watch polina so that I can go to work, and shovel the 2 feet of snow that fell on Wednesday. Maggie's Mom even slept over the last few nights as well, which was a HUGE help. This has been a trying week.... Polina has handled everything well, except she didnt like visiting Maggie because I think she thought that the doctors were there for her and she got upset every time one came in. Must have been all of the immunization shots she received when she came to us that still sticks in her mind.

Wanted to send our blogger friends an update...that is why we havent posted anything in a while. Hopefully Maggie will come home soon, but we may need to put Polina in day care a few days a week to allow Maggie some bed rest days until she can give birth and then get the procedure done. Luckily, there is one near us that has openings and actually has another red-headed adopted girl from Russia (funny, huh?). Well, thats it for now...will keep folks updated as we learn more. Maggie has a laptop, so at least that keeps her busy.