Friday, January 8, 2010

To find a moblie notary is a pain!

Randy and I were going to use this notary from Bristol but for some reason she changed her hours only to weekdays after 6 and weekends so now here we are calling trying to find one. For the non-time sensitive paperwork we need a notary to go to my job and sign with my employer and other things. Randy has notary at work that will sign his but we rather use the same one so our papers can can apostilled faster that way. We got a couple numbers from our friends so we'll see what happens. Everyone is really being really supportive and helpful so hopefully everything will be fine.


Garc said...

I wanted to help but I can only notarie court documents as an officer of the court. I do not think my abilities through the court extend to what you needed.

If you were in Mass. I could help.

Gamer said...

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