Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where is our referral ????????????????

I feel like we have been waiting forever. I think we would be easier if we just had a referral. We just can't wait for that phone call already. Everyday I come home from work and check if there were any messages left on the phone. (Nope) I know that we are not the only ones that feel that way I just wished we knew if the first dossier got registered already and where we are in this process. I try to keep myself occupied but it is hard when people ask us everyday.''Did you get the referral?" No cause if we did we would be calling everybody like crazy. So it will be three months in two days since the dossier got to Russia and we don't know whats going on with it. I pray to God we get the phone call we want really ,really soon...

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dgporter said...

You will get the call soon, I'm sure. I know it is difficult not knowing WHEN.
But,in my experience, the wait gets didn't get any easier after referral. It hasn't for me.
All will be worth it when you get that little one home for good. I'm looking forward to following your story and sharing that joy w/you online.