Monday, January 11, 2010

Holiday in Russia over today!

Well today in Russia the Holidays end. So finally that means that people can get thier court dates and referrals hopefully soon. We found a nortary one of Randy's geo-cacheing friends is one and it doesn't expire till 2013. I am so relieved about that! I am sill sick. I am so sick of this phlem I feel like I can't swallow. Randy is just getting over being sick he was like on three diferrent meds for his cold. Well,that's about it. I am crossing my fingers for a referral this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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dgporter said...

Glad you found my blog! I added you to my list too. So you are waiting for a referral? Boy or girl? Age? Do you have any other children?
Jason and I are waiting for court date to go pick up our beauty, Aubree. I look forward to following your story. It's quite a ride, but SO worth it.