Thursday, November 18, 2010

We are settling in nicely

We still arent adjusted to East Coast time yet, and Polina keeps getting up at 2am, but we are getting there. She loves her new house and really has started bonding with us. She even let me carry and play with her while mommy went to her Doctor appointment today. Some updates:
* We went to the SS office today to apply for her new SS#...should arrive shortly
* Polina has started to try new foods and so far, likes meatball, LOVES banana puffs, likes the kids macaroni and meat pieces, still likes her oatmeal
* Polina really hasnt been drinking all that much so we hope that she is okay...we make whatever she eats more moist to make up for it, but she doesnt want any water, or juices or anything
* Polina has been great with family and friends as well
* Daddy still isnt smart enough to figure out how the car seat works yet, but thinks he has it now
* She was terrified of the two cats, but seems to like them now and pets them nicely and even feeds them with her spoon (yeah, we know.. a little yucky)

Thanks everyone for the well wishes and support doing this process! It has meant so much to have a community of friends (more like family) that has been there to compare notes with and to get advice from! bloggers rule!

-Randy and Maggie

Pictures of Maggie's family and Polina feeding Bella....


Jeanette said...

Sounds like things are going great! The first couple months are not easy, but it sounds like you are off to a good start :) Glad you are finally home and start "real" life.

Heather and Chad said...

So awesome!!!!! Let the fun begin!!

Craig & Kelly said...

That is great guys. Kat had the same issues with our cats. But only took s couple of days fot the cats to be afraid of her. Now she loves petting them gently.

We couldn't be any happier for the three of you.

Beth said...

Welcome home and enjoy the Holidays with your little one!!!!