Friday, November 12, 2010

Maybe teething?

So Polina met with Dr. Boris (of course that's his name) yesterday and he said that she was teething but otherwise healthy and a Momma's girl. Yesterday Polina really enjoyed a water bottle and drank a lot.

Last night she was tossing and woke up a few times. This morning she kept pointing to her mouth and crying. We think she is teething for sure. She feels a little warm, so we cant tell if she has a temperature and is sick, or just a side effect of teething. This morning at breakfast she threw up a lot of liquid. We are thinking it was from all of the water yesterday.

Any thoughts? Should we take her to a doctor? Should we get a thermometer? She doesnt like any teething toys. Thanks everyone....we want to make her comfortable but not sure just how!

Randy and Maggie


nicole said...

try frozen washcloths if your in a room with a fridge or they have childrens tylenol there??mine never threw up after teething are you sure its not a cavity or abcess??

Anonymous said...

I agree - that throwing up does not go with teething, and if she drank too much water, she would throw up quickly, not the next morning. I would try to get some children's Motrin, but that might be impossible. Did you bring any OTC meds for babies with you? I wouldn't give her too much water, that can mess up her potassium levels, so try to stick with milk. How many more days will you be there?


Maggie and Randy said...

We have children's Tylenol. We will be here for about 3 more days. Should we try and give her that?

She may have never taken it before and we are nervous as to how she will react to it. We have milk formula in the room, so maybe we try that.

nicole said...

I think the childrens tylenol will be good(awesome thinking mama)just go by her age and dose her accordingly..and give her cuddles and her blankie if she starts with diarrhea shes prob then try flat gingerale a little at a time..we have nine children and have had everything hope this helps..

Maggie and Randy said...

thx folks...she is definitely teething. She doesnt want much food or drink, but that is "normal" for her coming from the orphanage. As much as we try, she refuses it.

We gave her some Baby Ibuprofen, and bought a thermometer at the pharmacy. She had a slightly elevated temp at 99 degrees. We gave her the medicine (a smaller dosage to make sure she wasnt allergic) and then pushed in a stroller her around Red Square for an hour plus. She got tired, so we are back for a nap....her temp dropped back down to 97 degrees so we feel better.

Just wish she would eat / drink more.

Kerry said...

Not sure if you can get oragel but it numbs the area.

Craig & Kelly said...

Katerina see Dr. Boris too. He called her a drama queen. Said be prepared for her using tears to get what she wants. wr loved Dr. Boris and think he was right on with his diagnosis of katerina.

Kelly really liked him from one doctor to another.

not sure what to say about the slight fever. but it sounds like you got it under control.

nicole said...

when mine have fevers we offer fluids cold if possible and bathe them in tepid water and soak there heads(if possible with a baby)till the temp goes down offer tylenol etc..can u offer her bananas if they have them there??its very stressful to come out of the only home they have ever had she'll adjust and itll be great for bonding..