Saturday, November 13, 2010

2 more days and finally going home!!!!

We bought thermometer yesterday because I was freaking out that her temp might be too high and we also bought baby orajel. she slept like 6 hours through the night but was waking up on and off just like us. She did have some apple juice in the morning just a couple of sips on her own so that was a big surprise. She seems to like going downstairs for breakfast and sit and sit in the high chair it seems like thats when she eats the most otherwise she doesn't want anything to drink or eat. It really stresses me out and I feel like crying. 2 more days and we will finally be home can't wait because her schedule and the time is really stressing her out and us at the same time. I checked in her mouth when she woke up and there it is another tooth comming in on the top. You can see a little point sticking out and I think thats why she has been so fussy. I put some orajel on their and it seems to help. She's up now and upste because she wants to run around in the hallway but its only like 5 a.m here and there is no way we can let her do that. We will get dressed and head downstairs in the lobby and that will make her smile.


FaerieMama said...

Maggie, have her tested for giardia when she gets home. It commonly causes lack of appetite, and is soooo common in kids like ours ( who spent time in orphanages) My Nastia had no symptoms, but when tested it came out positive...after treatment, BOY did her appetite grow! Dont worry, you will be home soon and she will start eating like there's no tomorrow! Praying for you guys today and I cant get your sweet Polina's face out of my mind!!!!

Jeanette said...

I remember that feeling of wanting so badly to go home and get the heck out of the hotel! It's not reality what you are doing right now. It is so difficult!!! Hang in there! Polina is so cute!

Shelly and Steve said...

Hang in there.....I know Moscow was a VERY stressful time for us. You want so badly to get good nutrition in your child and they seem to want nothing to do with it. Jeanette is right, just get thru it and enjoy the things you can.

Anna also had parasites and eating got much better after getting that cleared up. She had no real symptoms so get that checked asap.
Anna also felt better better when she could feed herself...think it gave her a sense of control during a time that everything must feel completely out of control for them.
Yes, Anna still eats better if in a high chair, a kitchen chair, something routine feeling.

I know I didn't do well eating in Russia and it was trial and error as to things I liked and I'm sure our children are going thru the same thing. Email me if I can help or answer any questions.

Craig & Kelly said...

You will be home soon. It will work much better when things are structured better I think. We were continually feeding Katerina from our lap and anything she would eat. I suspect it is similar for you with Polina.

Plus, you have been Russia, Moscow and Vlad., for nearly a month. The two of you are probably feeling a bit beat up which makes it all the more difficult I would think.

The tough part is almost over. Tuesday night you will be in your own bed which will help immensely. You will still worry I might add but for different reasons. I worried that Katerina would be frightened in a new room all alone or that the monitor would not work etc. But the feeling of being home was so overwhelmingly good that the rest seemed like it would just work itself out. And Kelly and I were only there for a week, not a month like you guys.

Safe travels home with that beautiful little princess.

Steve and Stella said...

Don't worry they do get fever at time when they are teething but it goes as quick as it came. OUr little guy also did few teeth while we were in Vlad. Us too once in the states he had Giarda. I think once she will be home she will eat better. Right now just do what you have to do to get thru your last day. Once home, your doctor will be able to give you a lot of tricks to get her to eat. Also don't be afraid to get her tested with early Intervention in your states and try to get her to felt the test because having all these therapists are a blessing for any new mother. Or little guy had a nutritionist for a while and a behavior lady and they gaves us awsome tips!!! As much we all want our child to do good on the evaluation, this one is worth to make sure she does not pass it.
You are almost there and to make you feel better I think we all went thru that stress level. Going on high to very low feeling... totally normal! Hang on! You will all be fine!

Steve and Stella said...

By the way totally normal she does not drink much since they never did at the orphanage.. with time she will. Just keep having liquid available for her and one day she will show improvement. How little guy was the same. And food try to make it fun. We had to sing to our little guy and he will then eat. As much as they told us he could feed himself, we had to treat him like a baby and we fed him. I think it was good for both of us anyway :-) Don;t worry you are doing great! And it is all normal!!!

Ursula said...

I hope Polina feels better, It won't be long until your home. On a much lighter note, is that Lenin, and Czar Nicholas??

Ani said...

She is a cutie! We have had success with getting our kids to drink liquids using a straw and dropping the liquid in their mouths (like a game!). They find it funny and at least they get something in their tummies.
Hope she is feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Our daughter was so hyper-stimulated outside of the baby home environment, that it made life very hard while we were in Russia. I was soooo happy to get her home, in her own crib, and in a house full of safety gates! I think it must be part of the trauma they go through, and bless their hearts, they are doing their very best. Can't wait to see pics of home! She is just gorgeous!