Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Finally heading for Moscow tomorrow!!

Polina has been adjusting really well even though it was only one day. She slept through the whole night 8-6 a.m. randy and I not so well. we would check on her constantly through the night if she's breathing and any little noise she would make we would be right up checking on her. We have to work on her eating. She eats like a little bird.I don't know if its all the mushy food and she ready for something new like macaroni and cheese lol. She likes her russian teddy bears and likes to run around in the hotel. She was actually slapping strangers hands and waving to them. She has been smiling,giggling and babbling with us. We have taken peoples advice and made a bigger hole in the nipple. She can now hold the bottle and drink by herself. we will work on the sippy cup situation when we get home. Right now she is taking her nap,we will try to stick to the schedule so the transition to our house becomes easier for her.We will try to post pictures from Moscow of her smiling finally.


Craig & Kelly said...

We were the same way when she slept. I still get that way whence sleeps longer than normal. I guess that is what us rookie parents do. Safe travels to Moscow. And we are really happy to hear she is adapting.

See you when you get home.

Craig and Kelly

Tracey and Chuck said...

We did the same with Matt on the first few nights....so glad to hear that she is adjusting so well!!! Great news that you are headed to Moscow already tomorrow....hopefully the weather will be nice and you will be able to take in all of the beautiful sights!!! Are you trying any jarred baby food???? We did that for the first few months with Matt and he did great with that!!! He is still a picky eater but getting better!!! Can't wait to see more pictures!!!

Steve and Stella said...

Have a safe trip to Moscow.
No advice on the food. Ours was eating so much and anything. He was even eating more then us... now of course it is a total different story since he figure it out there is always going to be food around LOL.

Sarah said...

Congratulations! It sounds like she is doing wonderfully. She may not be eating well just because of the big change in her life...even though she has already figured out this is a great thing! Stick to the baby food since the consistency is what she will have been eating at the baby home. she will get back to how she was eating at the Baby home soon. Hopefully that was eating well. Enjoy this great time!
PS I remember getting up all night long with my first too! Any peep and I would fly across the room! Best of Luck!