Saturday, November 13, 2010

Still not eating / drinking much

We assume other families had similar experiences, but Polina really does eat or drink much at all. It comes and goes in spurts. One day she downs half a bottle of water in one sitting, then today she barely drinks anything (maybe a few sips). We know she is teething (or we think she is at least). The orphanage force-fed her, so we think that feeding time isnt a favorite time of hers. We try to experiment with different foods and bottles / juices, but she wont even put them in her mouth to try.

Other folks have similar experiences? thx!


Jenn D said...

Hello! Just wanted to say I've been following your blog and love it! Your daughter is beautiful! Hubby and I have just started the adoption process and we live in Moscow! (we are from IL but here for his company). We are on vacation in Poland, or I would have suggested we try and connect...Id love to hear any advice you may have....
Thank you and enjoy Moscow! Not sure how long you are there, but if you need a real mall with real kid stores, go to Metropolis. It's on the green line two stops past aeroport stop. It goes aeroport, solkok, then the stop Metropolis is. They've got tons of child stores upstairs...and three Starbucks! Jenn ( a safe trip back home!

Jeanette said...

The last thing I would do is force feed her. You are probably right that meal time is not fun for her. Leave snack foods around (cheerios for example) and let her have some control over when she eats. I know how hard it is to watch when a child won't eat or drink when you know they should be. She may sense your anxiety and is probably dealing with all the emotions of having her world turned upside down. She may grasp at any form of control she can get. I would be careful how much water you give her, though. Maybe she will want to drink out of your cup. I would also let her eat whatever she wants (cookies, etc). Things will be better when you are home and start to have a routine. Good luck!

Beth said...

All Jake wanted to do is drink and it was hard for me to get him to eat. He still would rather drink so I limit drinks around meal times so he does not fill up and he then eats more. Good luck and she is adorable!!


Kerry said...

I know orphaned kids are a little different but conventional thoughts are not to force them and that they will eat when they are hungry. If she is eating inconsistently but a good amount at some point then she should be fine.

Craig & Kelly said...

Kelly thinks Jeanette and Kerry said it best.

I can only imagine how I may not like eating much if I were force fed. I would think unlikely she would allow herself to starve.

Kelly also mentioned letting her drink things with nutrients, calories, etc so she is at least getting some of that stuff from juices/milk etc.

I put her thoughts because well you know I have no knowledge on this stuff. She has more than me. Also bought Polina some cute stuff today for her when we see you guys. I don't think she can get any cuter but Kelly and I will help try.

We look forward to her and Kat playing together.

Shelly and Steve said...

As I said Anna still doesn't drink much, but finally she does seem to be drinking more apple juice (still no milk).

I know every child is different, but we had the most success with yogurt and mashed potatoes. I had brought some Gerber Puffs and Yogurt Melts and she loved those, but I never saw them in Russia.
She would also eat just fruit baby food pretty much, and I had some success with baby cereal mixed with fruit baby food but that was hit and miss. Other than the fruit, she liked some stage 2 baby food we got in Russia that looked like canned mashed potatoes pretty much.

Anna still has only gained maybe 1/2 a pound since we've been home so maybe I'm not the best to give advice. She finally seems to have turned a corner and is eating more and more, but still very little compared to other kids. Hang in there....its stressful!!!

Lee said...

I agree with Kerry and Jeanette. Many kids at this age slow down in their eating anyway. Brendan is one of those kids who will eat well one day and almost nothing the next. To keep calories up offer juice or milk or even higher calorie things such as smoothies or milkshakes. Have finger foods that she can control is also a good idea. You can also pretend feeding a doll or bear and see if she will play along. It might be therapeutic for her if she has been force fed.