Saturday, June 12, 2010

What to pack?

Okay folks...since so many of you respond to our blog, looking for advice. What do we absolutely HAVE TO bring with us, and what did you think you needed, but really didnt and we should leave at home? Thanks everyone!


Wendi and Terry said...

Make sure stuff you need for the baby home and your little one are your top priority. Bring your list of questions for the baby home, snacks for the child, toys for the child, a blanket or some toy to leave behind, as well as a little photo album that has photos of you guys to leave behind. If you are bringing humanatarian aid on this trip make sure the suitcase is packed to the brim - the baby home really needs this stuff and they are so appreciative.

Make sure you have extra camera and video batteries. And, make sure you bring all the info you need to communicate with your IA doctor and have a backup plan in the event you can't send items electronically. We had that issue in Pechory - our host family didn't have wireless and the files we tried to send to the IA doctor were too large to send on the host family's computer. And, make sure you have adapters so all of your electronics (curling iron, etc.) will work.

You won't need as many clothes as you think you will. So only pack half of what you think you need to bring.

Have a blast...and take many, many photos and video. You will never have enough and they will really get you thru some tough days during the wait between trips #1 and #2.

Chad and Sarah said...

Check out my May 25th post! I detailed EVERYTHING we took and wished we didn't, and some things we wished we did!

Chad and Sarah said...

Sorry- it left out some parts- here is the post link!

Good luck and bring a few disposable cameras to leave with the orphanage workers!

Tracey and Chuck said...

Wendi said it all.....think of the baby first.....questions, snacks, toys....we also brought a blanket and a little photo album that we left with our son on our 1st trip. Do you know which Baby home in Vlad your little one is in??? I usually way overpack with clothes but I think I did wear everything I packed on our 1st trip....It is warm so you are lucky to not have to bring heavy clothes.....the Baby Homes are pretty casual and the day you have to go to the DOE is a little more dressy but not much!!! If you are staying at the Vlad Inn, you can get a blow dryer there so one less thing you have to pack....Also, at the Vlad Inn, the internet connection is usually very good and if you don't have your own laptop, they have a computer room where you can buy a internet card and use their computer or if you have a laptop, you can buy wireless internet cards. We had no issues at all sending info to our IA doctor on our 1st trip. We also brought a flip recorder with us so that we could send our IA doctor short video clips for his review. And as Wendi said, you will need to get adapters for your electronics which I believe we bought at Best Buy. Are you flying through Moscow or Seoul? It is all so exciting....but remember, don't pack toooo much...especially for yourself!!!! You don't need a whole lot and the Vlad Inn has a washer and dryer that you can use. Again, if you are staying at the Vlad Inn, the restaurant is nice....stay away from the chicken but other than that it is good! Also, there is a little convience store that you can walk to that has almost anything you would need and the Sea of Japan is also walking distance and it is a nice place to take a walk after a long day!!! Don't stress and enjoy every single minute!!!

JenniferN said...

Too funny! When I saw this post, I was going to direct you to Sarah's blog post (thanks again, Sarah!). We're going to try to make it with two carry ons, plus a backpack for Steve and a messenger bag for me. We'll see :).