Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So close!!!!!

I can't believe we are flying out this weekend finally. It has been very stressful 2 weeks. Randy just left to Fedex the second dossier to our agency. We finished with all the paperwork after all. Now, I hope everything looks good and that we won't have to re-do too much of the paperwork. So far we didn't have to re-do anything the home study or the first dossier they liked everything we did but now this is the paperwork to get a court date so I am sure they'll find something wrong. (We hope not)Our visas should be arriving this Thursday. We managed to fit everything somehow. We are bringing one carry on duffel bag,a backpack for Randy and a large purse for me. We are flying in dressy pants so we can wash them and re-wear them at the end of the week . We packed 3 dressy pants for each of us,bunch of nice shirts and jewelry for me. I made sure everything mixed and matched. We didn't want to drag a huge suitcase and take a chance on it getting lost. We wanted to make this as stress free as we possibly can. We are very excited and nervous at the same time. I am not crazy about flying at all and it will take us 26 hours to get there. We are flying arofloat so I am not quite sure how good they are. I haven't been sleeping too good lately. It must be all the excitement. I go to bed late and wake up very early. I am an early bird I always wake up around 5 in the morning even on the weekends but 3 am is just too much for me.We are not taking a lap top with us so if we get a chance to post something at the hotel we will and if not I am bringing a journal with me so I can write everyday about our experiences and than I'll post everything. So that's about it for now. Wish us LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeanette said...

We traveled with way more than that!!!! Wow!!! You are good packers! Aeroflot is OK. The one thing I really liked is you have your own personal TVs with movies you can pick or video games. Helps pass the time. Their seats aren't the best, but you will be fine. You may want to bring a blow up pillow just in case you can't get comfy. I had a bad seat once. It wouldn't stay back. I will be anxiously awaiting your blog posts when you get home! Good luck!

Jen said...

Can you believe it's so close? I'm sooo excited! I also hate flying, but keep trying to remind myself that there's a beautiful little baby over there waiting for us! Just think, next week we'll meet our little ones.

You are an excellent packer, by the way - I thought we were doing really well with two carry-ons and two personal items!

Steve and Stella said...

No problem with Aerofloat. Actually it was much better then any american airlines so no stress there.. Have fun and enjoy your little one!!!!!!
Nothing better than when they open the door to present you with your baby!!!!!! priceless!!!!