Monday, May 3, 2010

Mothers day is coming up!!!

It will be a month already this weekend since we received the referral and nothing about travel dates. I was so hoping to be there for Mothers day and now I know it won't happen. I am so disappointed about that. I am still hoping we'll be there for her 1st birthday in June at least. It gets harder and harder to wait. Maybe they are waiting after the meeting on may 12,maybe its the Holidays all these maybe's hanging over our heads. Hopefully we will hear some good news really soon.


Crazy Mom said...

I went through the same thing this time last year!!!!!! It will come!! I bet it is the holidays!

Steve and Stella said...

Me too same thing so hang on unfortunately May has a lot of holidays in Europe and while you are there you need to be when the officials are open as you will have papers to do if you accept your little girl. The orphanage are closed durign the weekend so they may also be close during the holidays. I know it is hard as I remember those times. But hang on you will get the dates. I think a lot of Russian are not for the processa to stop as one they are too many orphans and two it is bringing them a lot of cash as you already know.

Thinking of your guys and hoping for a quick phone call for you