Sunday, May 30, 2010

Maybe some news.....maybe not!!!!!

As you all know I have been praying that we will go on our first trip soon. June 8th to be exact it will be 2 months since we were matched with a child and so far no news. This week our agency emailed us that our agency the one that did our home study that their license expired and I guess Russia was requesting a new one. So that gave Randy and I hope that maybe they are looking at our file and maybe they will be like that's its time for us to come, at least that's what we are hoping for.So Randy went picked the new one up,had it notorized and appostilled all in one day.The next day I over night it that. Hopefully that was the problem because they told us it expired last month and now they were just letting us know. I dodn't know if that was the problem not getting dates or maybe it's another reason. So we are looking at this as good news otherwise we would be thinking in a negative way. So that's about it. still no news but holding on to HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeanette said...

Sounds good to me. Always good when they are talking or thinking about you! I'm sure they will schedule you soon!

Steve and Stella said...

You may want to ask them how come you have not heard for dates. they may tell you more... We had that happened to us and our agency was good at telling us why we were still waiting on dates. I tis so hard to wait without noknowing no matter what is the problem. Don't be afraids to ask them.

Shelly and Steve said...

I am being told that Vlad isn't setting any new court dates until a treaty is signed :o( I wonder if it the same for new travel dates....I hope not!!! I would be so encouraged if you received your travel dates. Lets hope for some GOOD news out of Vlad! Lately I am NOT handling this wait and endless paperwork expiring well at all.