Sunday, August 8, 2010

What to bring for the second trip?????

I am just trying to be more prepared and not to wait at the last moment. Any suggestions of what to bring and any suggestions for court????? Anything that you wished someone told you or wished that you brought with you????? If you want to write me privately my e-mail is We would appreciate all the responses. This would be our first baby so we are extra nervous........Thanks for taking your time to respond.....HUGS;-)))))


Snugglewormy said...

I think the only comment I have on 'what to bring' is that I wished we hadn't brought so much.

Jen said...

I have a list I made for the second and third trips...I'll e-mail it to you. For our second trip, we brought a checked bag filled with diapers and other donations, but the empty bag gave us lots of extra space on the way home. This third trip, we'll fill that same checked bag with things for Natalia :). Also, I'll have more advice on the third trip in a few weeks.

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

A copy of your Home Study!!! We weren't told to bring that, but we did and boy was I glad. . .for court. . .and instant coffee, if you like coffee. The Russians do have some coffee, but they mostly drink tea!

Garc said...


Your second and third trip are really one long trip correct?

I would bring enough diapers for a day or two. We found it easier to buy diapers in Moscow rather than waste valuable suitcase space on them. Plus, you will be there for an extended time so it just is not possible to bring enough for the entire time.

Katerina was a bit younger so keep that in mind, but we brought a couple of bottles and a couple of sippy cups. She barely could work the bottles so the sippy cups were useless. But we thought better to be prepared for whichever she found easier. Your little girl will be older by 3 or 4 months, so a bottle just in case, but sippy cups would seem to be more in line.

I would bring a few toys, clothing of course, and the carry back would be great. We also brought snacks for her (gerbers stuff) but in the end found it easier to buy them at the local stores in Russia.

And I would suggest bringing a copy of all your adoption documents. The lawyer in me, made sure we had a file which had a copy of everything that had been required in case someone (Court or agency) needed it in Russia. By the third trip it was a thick file which I carried with me at all times, but it was worth it when they needed copies of our tax returns.

If you have any questions, you know you guys can always call Kelly or me.

Steve and Stella said...

Make sure you have clothes for the baby and probably a size under what you will think. Ours was 18 months old and he needed 12 months .. Same for the other families.
Otherwise, you will find diapers food all that overthere. Also go to the shoe store in Vladivostok, They have beautiful shoes for children in Vladivostok.
In Moscow we bought a stroller and we only brought with us a monkey which he still sleep with him today, an i-pod with kids music and couple toys that was it.
Go light! Maybe bring baby bottles but that too you can find it there.. all american brand.

Corinne said...

I am trying to figure out the same thing ! On our last two visits to Vlad I actually took only a few days worth of stuff and washed and restocked at the bigger grocery store that your coordinater can take you to.We will obviously haveto take things for the children but, again I will utilize the washer and dryer at the Vlad Inn.We have been told to bring our copies of all our paperwork just in case. That in itself is heavy ! We may even be there at the same time.