Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer is almost over and no news yet!!!!!

I can't believe how fast the time is flying by. No news yet on the adoption end. We re-did all this paperwork for the second dossier and we didn't hear anything back about it. I guess no news is good news. P------'s room is almost done. I just have to get curtains and some wall decals. When we first started this process they told us be prepared you'll most likely get a boy so of course we painted the room a blue color. So than we get a referral for P------. We have decided to leave the room blue and place some wall decals and some pink in it. I am going to be ordering a baby carrier from Boba Organics. It's the bird blossoms vintage charm one. I just think it's so cute and the best part it's for children 15 pounds to 45 pounds. I haven't been shopping for a lot of things yet. We are sort of waiting till we hear something about the court date. We have planned a trip with our friends to Cape Ann in Mass. this will be our vacation since this adoption we can't be going too far away because we can get a court date whenever. I am so looking forward to be finally going away. We are going whale watching and kayaking plus all the beaches are just beautiful. It will be nice just to get away and it's nice to look forward to it since most of the time we are just looking forward for more paperwork. I should probably be planning what to bring on the second trip. If we go in October she'll be 16 months old. I am not quite sure what to bring for her.Should I bring bottles?????? maybe I'll just start a new post what to bring for the second trip that way I'll be more prepared and not at the last minute......

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