Monday, April 19, 2010

1st trip??????

I hope we hear something from our agency this week on what is going on. I just read something on line that the adoptions are still going but the court dates are not being set so that means if thats true everything will be backed up . So that would mean longer waits for court dates or until Russia feels comfortable with americans adopting and the treaty is signed. I am not sure what to think of all this. I can't imagine going on the first trip and than waitng even longer than 4 months for a court date. This is quite stressful. So stressful that I got a coldsore from all this stress. I called my doctor and told him I want this thing to go away as soon as possible so he prescibed me something stronger than abreva and its already looking better. I definitely don't want to be going on the first trip like this. I never get these things but I was super,super stressed about this suspension hanging over our heads. I have to be positive that everything will work out somehow as it always does. So now we arejust waiting,again!!!


Jeanette said...

Don't worry too much about court. I was told by my agency that they are still getting court dates. We were also told not to read anything online. Wait for the truth from your agency. We are suppose to have court today but are stuck in the US due to the volcano!!! Good luck!

Steve and Stella said...

Yes don't stress too much it is going to go fine. And don't worry about your cold soar your little one still will think you are pretty :-)
I had poison oak on my end on trip #1 so I had to wear long sleeves to make sure he will not get it too. Oh so stress no good my friend!
Wish you all the best and just enjoy.. the rest will come as plan.

Steve and Stella said...

Just looked at teh official site of the embassy in Moscow and it is clear that the news mis informed the public. It is only that agency of the women who is suspended. Otherwise, USA is still issuing the I600 visas adn Russia is still scheduling court date. Try to relax, you need it as it is a very long flight and your baby is waiting to see you :-)