Thursday, February 25, 2010


Gracious God, it’s so hard to wait. To wait for new things to happen in my life. To wait for you to answer my prayers. To wait for the open doors that may lead me into a new way of being. During the time of waiting, it seems that all I can think of is having what it is I am waiting for. At times I feel weary of asking and waiting, and I wonder if you really hear my prayers at all, if you are ignoring me, or if you are simply refusing to give me my heart’s desire. A part of me knows that you want my best, and that your time is not my time, but Lord, it is still so hard to wait. Deepen my trust, O Lord, during the times when my heart longs for what can only come in the fullness of time. Give me a calm assurance that your will for me is grander than anything I could ever imagine. Still my mind and heart in your love so that I am mindful of the grace you are draping around me every single day, every single moment. I ask this for the sake of your love.

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Kim said...

Oh waiting is so hard, I know. And there comes a time when you do not want to hear "in His time" any longer, but we know it's true. I have been there, crying out to the Lord, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that when you look back on your adoption journey, it will be plan as day that the call came when it was supposed to. Does that make the wait easier, sometimes it does, most times it doesn't. Hoping for God's peace to surround you.