Saturday, November 28, 2009

Things for the baby!

Yesterday Randy's brother dropped off a lot of things for the baby. Things like baby books,playpen,changing table if the baby is too big for it we can use it for other things because it has shelves and a drawer,babygate,and a lot of Elmos and a rocking chair.

Randy and I started to prepare the toy room. We moved the couches around and made room for all the toys. Now,the room is spacious and there is a lot more room for more toys to come. We received a paper stating that the I-600 approval went to Moscow. Thats is great because thats where it has to be so now we don't have to follow up on it. We are still waiting on a refferral. We hope it will come really soon.

We can't wait to see our little one and finally hold him/her. We told the agency we will take either but you never know. Here we are preparing everything for a little boy and the surprise might be a little girl but whatever it will be we will be very happy!

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Randy Wills said...

thank you Kerry!