Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our Process!

June 16,09- called the adoption Agency
June18,09 - Send papers out to agency
June 25,09- met w/agency
July9th,09-1st meeting with social worker
July 12,09-fingerprints for the homestudy
July14,09- send out application for Russia to the agency in Minnessota
July21,09-2nd meeting with social worker
Julu22,09- send out fingerprints
July25,09-send out I-600 application
August6,09-Maggie meeting w/social worker first and than Randy in the afternoon by himself
August17,09- Final meeting w/social worker at the house
August17,09-send out 2nd part of adoption papers to agency
September3,09-finished homestudy (sent to the other agency)
September8,09-I-600 fingerprints
September22,09-social worker sent in revised homestudy
September22,09-adoption classes
September25,09- homestudy approved by the other agency
October7,09- received Dossier part one
October15,09-sent out first Dossier (part 1)
October23,09- Dossier approved and sent out to Russia (needs to be translated and re-notorized)
November,09-received INS approval
Waiting , waiting, waiting for a refferal!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are so excited to go to Russia and we can't wait to meet our precious little baby!

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