Saturday, October 15, 2011

October update

Things have been good, but busy here at the household. Polina has been talking non stop and is forming sentences, which is really fun to listen to and conversate with her! We took her to the summer Luthern Social Services adoption family picnic where she got to play with other adopted kids, and she had a blast. She is still in daycare so that Maggie can focus on the baby and not put too much strain on her heart. Hopefully, Maggie's heart procedure will go smoothly the end of this month and Polina can stay home by the end of the year.

Baby Mia is doing good as well. She has bad reflux and is now on prevecid, which seems to be helping. She doesnt take any naps at all, and wants to be carried all day, so is a handful for Maggie!

Included some updated pics of Polina and Mia...

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Jeanette said...

Beautiful girls! Mia is getting so big! Good luck to Maggie!