Saturday, August 6, 2011

August update

Well, its been a while as we have been busy with the family and MAggie's unexpected surgery. Turns out its pretty common to have gallstones after pregnancy, and sure enough Maggie has severe pains and needed to have her gallbladder out. Luckily, her mom (grandma) was able to live with us for three weeks until Maggie could fully recover and pickup the baby again.

Polina has been doing very well and continues to grow and thrive. She is putting together more and more words and likes to babble on, pretending like she is talking. We need to start potty training her as she still doesnt really like the potty at all, and we dont want to force it.

We have been in touch with Illich, and in the coming weeks, will be looking forward to having him travel from Moscow to Vladivostok to find Polina's birth mom. We want to try and make contact and get additional information and maybe even start a dialogue. We know there are mixed feelings from adoptive families, but we at least want to have as much info as possible and then if Polina chooses to learn about the info, at least we have something.

Baby Mia is doing well. She is growing like crazy and is slowly sleeping better at night. She is quite the Princess, and Polina loves being an older sister. Some additional pictures are posted below....


Anonymous said...

Polina is so gorgeous! That hair is just beautiful!!! Always happy to hear updates on her - she is just the cutest little thing! :)


Corinne said...

Looks like you have your hands full with two beautiful girls !They are just precious ! Hope you are doing better Maggie with your health issues and can heal quickly.We too are looking forward to having Illich search for us in October for Brock and our Mia.