Wednesday, September 29, 2010

very busy!!

We have been very busy well I should say my husband .He does the majority of the paperwork. We had to re-do a lot of the paperwork and we finally finished yesterday now it just has to be apostilled. Things are going well except for one thing that came up. I am not sure how its going to work out and if it will but hopefully it will and I can share it with everyone. I feel like days are not passing fast enough. We really miss our strawberry shortcake and can't wait to finally hold her. We also did fingerprints again even though they don't expire till December we just rather be safe than sorry. I am so very happy to be reading other peoples blogs and I see that two of them got court dates in October also. I am glad that things seem to be moving along. I know that Chad and Sarah have been waiting for so long and I pray that they will too get their court date. that's about it for now..Just counting down the days!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your court date! I know how excited you are. We are here in Vlad now. We had our court date last Friday. On our 10 day wait right now. Make sure you bring plenty of things for your downtime, magazines, books, etc. I wish I would have brought more snacks with us. Let me know if you have any questions, since I am here now... :)

Good Luck with everything,

Maggie and Randy said...

Renee --> How was the court experience? How was the judge? What did they ask? How long did it take? You can email me directly if you prefer



Brian & Nora said...

Just checking in, glad to hear things are moving foward. We look foward to meeting her and we hope everything goes smoothly.

Sabrina and Giorgio said...

Hi everyone! We received our referral and will be taking our first trip in October. I'll get all the information this week. Would love to connect with you and other families in Vladivostok now.

Sabrina Dickenson